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Monday, August 31, 2009

Left Coast Team / East Coast Press

While those of us in Portland relax for a few final days before rehearsals for Everyone Who Looks Like You kick into high gear, out NYC crack team has been hitting the boards and blowing minds at the Ontological-Hysteric Incubator with Faith's solo show Undine performed in a double bill with our dear friends from the north, Helsinki Syndrome.

I couldn't be prouder of the work Faith (incredible performer/creator), Jonathan (fearless director), Liam (even more fearless SM), Chis (very fearless lighting designer) and the whole team of musicians, set makers and costumers have done on this piece.

I had the pleasure of taking the traveling crew (Faith, Jonathan & Liam) to the airport last Saturday morning and watching as they justified not bringing a 65 lb wooden trunk (yes it is the main set piece, but won't buying one on Craig's List work?), 45 lbs of threaded rod (home depot is just around the corner!) and half a dozen work lights (see threaded rod reasoning).  The heavy items were amazing, but my favorite moment was Faith shoving her wedding dress costume into a paper Trader Joe's bag and imagining her justifying this third carry on to the TSA clerk: "...but I'm getting married!"

Off they flew, and now the press starts to roll in:

From NY Theatre.com: "two exceptional young shows..."

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we are prepping to begin rehearsals for Everyone Who Looks Like You on September 9. I'm really looking forward to continuing the work we began this Spring and taking it to the next level. We open the show in just over two months (November 6 at Theater! Theatre! in Portland) and have our work cut out for us. Creating some new material, cutting some of the old, and tightening, refining and re-working.

We are bringing on some new designers and old collaborators for the show and I couldn't be happier. From Eugene comes Set Designer Brad Steinmetz and from Portland costumer Kyoko Nelson. Hand2Mouth works so closely with designers in building shows from the ground up that having the right fit is incredibly important. I love the energy and ideas that have started to flow; rehearsals are only going to make it better. Joining us again are choreographers Mike Barber and Philip Cuomo who lent their prodigious talents to Repeat After Me and From a Dream to a Dream, respectively.

Six more performances of Undine and nine more days before rehearsals start. And did I mention TBA starts on Thursday? It's going to be a good week.

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