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Friday, November 13, 2009

Check back for H2M Guest Bloggers!

CoffeeComputer-smlIn the spirit of all the great artistic social networking goings-on in the Portland blogosphere/twitosphere lately (see this and this and this) we've invited the "experts" to see Everyone Who Looks Like You and they are going to blog about it!  Over the next couples weeks, keep your eyes on H2M's blog for posts from some of our exciting guests:

  • Margaret Eichler: Assistant Professor in the Counseling Psychology Department at Lewis & Clark College, she is a Nationally Certified Counselor and her research interests include:  Creative therapies for children and adolescents,  and Relational Creative dialogues in counseling and supervision.

  • Jonathan Krebs: Performer and Marketing Coordinator with BodyVox, and all-around cool guy.

  • Trisha Mead: P.R. and Publications Manager at Portland Center Stage and Director of the Fertile Ground Festival of New Works. She is also a presenter at the upcoming discussion: Directions in Portland Contemporary Performance.

  • Steffen Silvis: Associate Arts and Culture Editor and theatre critic for The Willamette Week from 1996-2005; Writer/ Editor for The Prague Post from 2005-2009. Now Steffen has returned to the northwest and has something to say about our show.

  • Gordon Wilson: Portland native and photographer/videographer of countless local dance, theatre, and other performance arts events.  See his photos of Everyone Who Looks Like You here.

And more to come... (we'll update this post with additions over the next week.)
Also, try checking out these other great arts blogs/publications in town; perhaps you can catch some more chatter about our little family un-drama:

  • Bloggorhea - Blog of the infamous literary madman genius Mead Hunter

  • Neighborhood Notes - A perfect place to visit frequently for information and commentary on great events in all four corners of Portland. They already posted a fabulous EWLLY preview by Eve Connell and photos of the show by Ken Aaron.

  • Followspot - As close as PDX gets to an all-in-one-place performance listing, reviewing, and archiving site.  You have something you'd like to add to the conversation about the show? This is a great place to start.

  • Culturephile -  This Portland Monthly blog does a great job keeping an up-to-date and well-curated selection of local arts events and bonus: they give insightful commentary.

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