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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Directions in Portland Contemporary Performance

We were so thrilled with the response to this event and hope to provide more opportunities for discussion and action in the future.  There are still so many issues to address specific to making new work in Portland.

How do we communicate the value of new work as a whole while also articulating  our individual missions?   What  new systems of support are necessary to maintain and grow this community?  What are we doing now that is and is not working?  How can we ensure that when people talk about Portland as a creative, vibrant,  progressive city, they understand the role and potential of the arts, particularly performing arts?

These are notes from the discussion that followed each artist presenting their history and process.

Directions in Portland Contemporary Performance
A community discussion and presentation hosted by Hand2Mouth Theatre
November 15, 2009

Artist presenters:
Linda Austin (Linda Austin Dance/Performance Works Northwest)
Mizu Desierto (Mizu Desierto Butoh)
Angelle Hebert (tEEth)
Trisha Mead (Fertile Ground Festival/Portland Center Stage)
Rikki Rothenberg and Kathleen Keogh (Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner)
Hannah Treuhaft (Sojourn Theatre)
Jonathan Walters (Hand2Mouth Theatre)

Moderator: Tim DuRoche (Portland Center Stage)

Trisha Mead: No one has all of these skills in equal measure.  Connect with others who can bring them to the table for you.

  1. Translation skills: understanding your work/vision and being able to translate it for others.

  2. Social skills: knowing 3 people who will bring 3 friends to your show is more important than any ad you’ll place in the Oregonian.

  3. Design skills: ability to communicate your work visually (photos, graphic design etc) and preparing it for publication.

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