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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Past / Future / Present

Well, hello there.

Here at H2M headquarters we are resting up from our showing of Uncanny Valley at Reed (well, some of us are resting -- some of us are working on Erin's show which she'll be taking up to NWNW in 10 days. And preparing for Risk/Reward which will rock this town in 17 days. Ok, so I guess that means none of us are resting. I think it's safe to say that H2M doesn't really DO resting.)

In any case, the UV showing was wonderful and useful -- once again convincing us that showing our work along the way, in beta form, is absolutely necessary. We had two talkbacks in which we gathered vital information, and we also received feedback in the form of interviews & reviews.

But if anyone out there would like to tell us more: please do so in the comments! We would love to hear more about what worked and what didn't.

Thank you, one and all!

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