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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Risk/Reward profile: ERIN LEDDY and H2M

In anticipation of the Risk/Reward Festival on Saturday, we’re presenting daily profiles of the artists involved.

So. Let’s talk about Erin Leddy (performing in the 5pm showcase).

As many of you know, Erin is a longtime company member of Hand2Mouth. She has been a powerhouse and a godsend since the day she showed up for an audition eight years ago, and an integral part of H2M’s work, from City of Gold to Repeat After Me to Everyone Who Looks Like You.

And that whole time she’s been thinking and dreaming about making a piece out of the 20 hours of tape she recorded in 2001 while living with her grandmother for a year.
This fall, she started working with Jonathan on making the material into a solo show, and spent a month in residency at Yaddo (which happens to be in the same town her grandmother, Sarah, lives). When she came back she dove back into rehearsals, and just last weekend they brought her show, My Mind is Like an Open Meadow, up to NW New Works for its first public showing.

I can attest that she cast a spell over the audience and brought them to their feet. Over at the On the Boards blog, Shango Los calls the show “a true joy to watch” and a lovely review in Seattlest came out today that says: “The closing applause was meant to credit the success of Leddy’s concept and performance … but we sensed some of it was for Sarah, too.

It’s been incredible to watch this process unfold, and we are so proud to be showing Erin’s piece for the first time in Portland at the Risk/Reward Festival.


And H2M is also excited to get another chance to try out our new show, Uncanny Valley, in front of an audience! That will kick off the 8pm showcases.

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