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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fond memories of California

So, as we mentioned, our trip to Blue Lake, California to perform Everyone Who Looks Like You was lovely.

Some highlights:

+ Scones at Bob & Martha's house.
+ Sitting in on a class at Dell'Arte while students showed (and critiqued) each others' work.
+ $10 pitchers, a honky tonk piano and walls covered with saws at The Logger.
+ Listening to Michael Fields, producing artistic director and a master teacher at Dell'Arte, reminisce about writing plays at the Logger in the '80s.
+ The beautiful Mad River, which I'm sure is delightful to swim in during the summer.
+ Burgers, chili, delicious crepes and good conversation at Stardough's Cafe.

And on the drive home, some of us stopped along the way to take pictures.

We posed as H2M: BAND on the beach.

We came upon a field of elk!

And of course we communed with trees & nature & shit.

Next up on the touring train: Bellingham, Washington

We're visiting Western Washington University for the first time since performing Repeat After Me there two years ago. We were blown away then by the passion & intelligence of the students (and their teacher, Mr. Rich Brown), and we can't wait to return.

And after that... Everyone Who Looks Like You is coming home to Portland.

Speaking of which... have you seen the video trailer yet?

Everyone Who Looks Like You - Holiday Trailer from Hand2Mouth Theatre on Vimeo.

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