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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Performance via text message

Once again, I find myself inspired by the brilliant mind of Tim Etchells.

From the Guardian theatre blog, where they're thinking back on their favorite theatre moments of 2010:

I spent almost a month enthralled by An SMS; Tim Etchells's exquisitely constructed imaginary performance for the Norfolk & Norwich festival. Encountered entirely through text message, the project was composed of a series of absurd movements in which half-familiar scenes flickered into life and then spiralled out of control. Snowstorms grew too thick, a clown fight exploded into an ecstatic riot, a children's choir sang for days on end, slowly collapsing to the floor one by one. What made this project truly wonderful however was the way that these imagined events were slowly drip-fed into our own lives over such an extended period. As time passed, this beautiful, hysterical parade of events was written ever-more thoroughly over our own everyday experience, at points the two converging with breathtaking synchronicity.

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