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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Portland: Thoughts, Press, TV

It's been a change of pace performing Everyone Who Looks Like You at home in Portland: going home each night (instead of crashing somewhere), then getting up to do it again (instead of driving home). We've been talking a lot about the differences in audiences from night to night. At a post-show talk-back yesterday Jonathan said we "are like tourists to the audience each night." I like that. At this point, having been doing this show in more-or-less the same form for nearly a year, I really feel that the audience lets us know the show is, and every night that is is a little different. Comedy, tragedy, heartfelt, tear-jerker, somewhere in between. Five more times. Whew....

In other news, we got a review from the Portland Mercury. Read it all about it.

In other other news, we were on TV yesterday! We had a very nice time talking with Joe from KGW NewsChannel 8. Watch it all here.

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