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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solo shows

Interesting post on 2AMt about what people think about when they hear the word solo show: "the implication, without further context, can be that the purpose of the show is ego on display, a virtuoso display of craft, or a virtuoso display of confession." 

This has been on my mind since I think Erin's show (which is playing in Portland through Sunday!), and my show too, fall outside of what most people think of as a "solo show". But what, then, do we call these shows? Do we just not mention at all that they're solo? If my memory serves, that's what Odin Teatret does -- they make no distinction between shows with one performer or shows with five.

What do you think? Those of you who have seen My Mind Is Like An Open Meadow or Undine: what would you call these shows? Or do you think it's 100% accurate to call these solo shows?

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