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Monday, February 21, 2011

where the fearless dreamers reside

Notes from our retreat last weekend -- where we talked about everything from new new projects to ideal touring locales to what we'll be doing in September 2013. 

At some point we were discussing what initially drew everyone to working with Hand2Mouth, and why they kept on -- and here is what people said:
    • creating new work with a personal style and voice
    • people first, artists second
    • the thought that all original imagistic work can hit on a deeper than intellectual level
    • felt like the only game in town that was making work with rigor
    • the people, challenged artistically
    • Jonathan and Faith, now all the people involved
    • chance to put myself, stories, and ideas on-stage
    • long-lastingness of the people and the work
    • City of Gold, keep on because I love everyone and believe in work with own voice
    • because the fearless dreamers reside in h2m
    • the energy, the now, the you
    • important work was being done, not bullshit
    • chance to try new things and be involved

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