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Monday, June 13, 2011

Risk/Reward Artist Profile # 1: Bobbevy

Palace of Crystal is the first piece created under Suniti Dernovsek and David Stein’s new moniker Bobbevy (formerly Hot Little Hands). New name, sure, but they are still the same inspiring, rockstar duo of dancer and painter. Watch these little short movies for a bit of insight into how their talents really play out.

We are thrilled to be able to showcase Bobbevy’s Palace of Crystal at Risk/Reward. It will be the first showing of this work set to premiere in the fall. It will take audiences “through the metamorphosis from melancholia to bliss” as they explore the human desire for happiness and the strange journeys one might take to get there. This piece will look at the ‘happiness industry’ this ever-evolving cornucopia of self exploration and practice, both abstract and concrete that strives to create the positive ideal. 

No doubt we can expect to see Suniti’s dancers embody her unique, precise and haunting choreography with beautiful design elements, including hanging diamonds, from David. The piece also features video from artist John Bacone (who made the films seen above) and music from Hand2Mouth favorite and recent collaborator, Ash Black Bufflo.

For more on David and Suniti and their own quest for happiness follow 
these links:

Bobbevy on the web: www.bobbevy.com

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