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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Risk/Reward Artist Profile #4: Zac Nelson & Stephanie Simek

Zac and Stephanie are the faces of our festival this year! The fridge, or rather the contents of the fridge, will be their jumping point for the work you'll see at Risk/Reward. They "will be preparing a meal in front of a live audience while simultaneously looping and manipulating the sounds of cooking to create a performance that can be absorbed on several sensory levels- sight, taste, and sound." Mmm, sounds delicious!

Stephanie Simek's work is described as coming from a "world where science and logic connect with the surreal and the sweet." In addition to her performances and installations, Stephanie designs a line of wearable accessories using unusual materials and forms. Her unique collection can be found in publications, exhibitions, and shops worldwide. Visit her and her wares here.

The second half of the duo, Zac Nelson, has released over 13 albums of music on numerous labels in genres such as experimental, ambient, pop and avant progressive rock. He has shown his art consisting of large-scale abstract paintings and sculptures made with kombucha cultures, pig intestines, bull kelp,metal and moss in galleries along the west coast. Visit him here.

You could spice up your summer wardrobe from these two!

We are very excited to welcome Zac and Staphanie to the Risk/Reward stage.

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