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Monday, October 10, 2011

Something New

We're deep in the early stages of building a new show, a time that always gets me thinking about process. Over the years Hand2Mouth has worked to build performances in a variety of ways, but in the last 6 we're honed in on our own mish mash of building techniques. I like to think of us as the weirdest architecture firm: we know we want to make a building but aren't sure what it will hold or what we want it to look like until we spend a lot of time with our pens, paper, CAD programs, and even some glass, steel and wood.

It is a long unwieldy experience, and I love the fact that I will spend a week reading obsessively about neuroscience and the next listening to Smokey Robinson non-stop. From here someone else will pull out the common thread and make a dance about it, someone else will find some text to sing, and our designers will make it look beautiful, and in nine months someone will sit in a dark theater and watch it happen live.

If you'd like to see what our minds are looking to now, check out the project blog for this new beast. Who knows, you might see it next on stage.

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