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Monday, December 19, 2011

Closing it Out

2011 is fast coming to a close. For some it's the last day of school; for me it's my last h2m rehearsal of the year and the prospect of a few extra nights and weekend days to stretch out, refresh, and recharge before the new year rears its head.

There is a funny place between the balance of rehearsing and creating and the balance of living life. These short days and long nights are good ones for the recharging, the research, and the dreaming required to make theatre.

I'll be spending some time thinking big thoughts for our newest project, Something's Got Ahold of My Heart. We'll be showing a first blush of what we've made in January for the Fertile Ground Festival and then, a long-time dream of mine come true, we'll be installed at Disjecta for Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art. Unlike most of the work in the space, ours will be (a) in-progress and alive and (b) performance (not painting or sculpture or video). I toured the space last week with Prudence Roberts, the exhibit curator, and Jonathan and Maesie from h2m. My mind was spinning with the possibilities of opening our process to the public in ways that aren't just about sitting in chairs and watching. What are we wanting to show, to share? How do we want to shift our line of inquiry over the weeks? What will opening our process up in this way tell us?

Many questions and many thoughts to keep the darkness at bay. Looking forward to sharing more questions than answers soon.