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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wild Combination

I can't recall what year it was that my love affair with Operative began, but I remember seeing them play in The Artistery, the now defunct house/venue that once graced Portland with it's many wonderful house-party like shows, and that it was raining.

Yes, I love drums. Yes, I love lots of electronics. Yes, Operative offers both in good measure with some seriously dance-able energy.

So, I am super stoked that Hand2Mouth will be sharing a bill with Operative and the amazing Goodnight Billygoat (animation!!!) at Holocene hosted by Research Club. I have been wanting to brunch it up with these folks for years, but our Sunday rehearsal schedule is less than forgiving. Instead we will dance it up late into the night.

It's been a few years since Hand2Mouth has done a performance at Holocene (Undine in 2009, Repeat After Me in 2007) and it is always so good to leave the confines of the theatre and take it to the club. So much of the work for Something's Got Ahold Of My Heart, or at least the Concert section of the show, is about creating a place that is extra-theater, or outside of the typical theater space while remaining highly performative. There is a difference between the audience expectations, and consequent responses, when entering a venue for a theater show vs a music show. I think we often want the energy of the latter, and this will be a little moment to play in this environment. I can't wait to see what we make!

Oh yeah, the night is named for the Arthur Russell song.