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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Press Rolls In

One weekend down, two to go for My Mind Is Like An Open Meadow at 59R59 Theaters in NYC. True to form, the press is rolling in (or arriving on our computer screens) and the news is good. Here's a mini round-up with more to come soon.

NY Post: "In a culture obsessed with youth and the shiny next big thing, “My Mind” — with its kind but unflinching look at aging — is an oddity to be treasured."

TheaterMania: "a sophisticated 65-minute show that uses just about every theatrical tool at Leddy's disposal from music to dance to imaginative sound design."
BlogCritics: "Erin Leddy's cleverly conceived, deeply felt, occasionally mystifying My Mind is Like an Open Meadow is a one-woman show starring two women." 
And, check out this video clip on the New York Times website! 

Tickets and more details here.